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About Us

The wide spread reliance on Information and Communication Technology (ICT), and the meteoric growth of the Internet and online services are Strong testimonies of the benefit of shared data and shared resources. Hence the need for a reliable ICT infrastructure deployment and Management in Nigeria has been a long-standing wish of many corporate, industrial, banking and the private sector. It was this need that gave birth to Chips, Bits and Bytes (CBBL).

Effective Educational Solutions Power Solutions

“Our focus is on technology-enabled solutions and professional services for today’s educational world with innovation that shape’s the future of children at all levels by transiting our traditional teaching and learning method to electronic-pedagogy.”



Enable students to learn in a real world 21st century classroom with 3-dimensional learning environment and well-trained digital teachers.


We help you make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green.


We  provide a variety of E-learning/ Power technology products


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Our Partners

Highly scalable, available, secured, and flexible solutions

Our Systems Support Solutions, we provide preventive, corrective and routine maintenance of systems and peripherals.

We will like you to give us a chance to offer you ICT solutions per excellence with exceptional customer support.

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23 Ogunlowo Street, Ikeja,
Lagos, Nigeria.

T: +2349091390433
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