‘Eureka.in’ is a syllabi based digital library of 3D animated content catering to K12 curriculum of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
The library comprises several ‘Learning Objects’ to explain various Science and Mathematics concepts, wherein each such learning object is a unique combination of learning resources like Text, Video, 2D, 3D & Interactive Simulation, Quiz, Web-links, Images and Key terms. The animated videos act as a strong visualization tool to help students understand even the most abstract concepts and the simulations working in conjunction give them a chance to interact with these concepts providing an over the edge understanding.


Classroom Management Software helps facilitate student interaction in the classroom. It is designed to keep students focused and engaged in learning – from absorbing information to creating content.
The application is purpose-built for 1:1 eLearning, and supports diverse individual learning styles. Classroom management software enables the instructor to control and manage the class effectively, supervise students’ activities and maintain a good order in class, and the students can learn, communicate and collaborate with each other and between groups.
Some of the features are;
Screen Broadcast
Student Demonstration
Net Movie
Monitor and Control
Group Management(group teaching and group chat)
Computer Based Test(CBT)
File Management (distribution and collection)


It is an educational, interactive and collaborative software for primary learners.
With Computer4Kids, you get;

  • Interactive classroom
  • Quick and simple to use by students and teachers
  • Follows curriculum – developed by teachers and educators
  • Learning programming for beginners
  • Works on any popular device: Tablets, laptops (iOS, Android).
  • Safe app with no access to Internet required


Brainfriend is an elearning and exam preparatory tool with past questions of over 20years. Some of the features of the BrainFriend elearning content and platform are as follow:

  • Over 50,000 questions, answers and explanations for Primary, JSSCE, O’ level SSCE, UTME exams.
  • E-books prepared from several textbooks according to the Nigerian Curriculum
  • 42 subjects covered (Primary 1 – SSS 3)
  • Over 15,000 theorems, definitions, and formulae
  • Easy-to-use study e-notes for students and teachers respectively
  • National Curriculum for teachers
  • Career Guide for teachers and students
  • Aptitude skills tests (verbal, quantitative and logical reasoning)
  • A’ level Questions, Answers, and Explanations
  • Easily accessible in mobile and hand-held devices


Interactive whiteboard is a PC-based input equipment, which, when connected with projector and personal computer, can realize functions such as writing, noting, vivid pictorial representation of concepts, drawing geometric graphs, editing, recording, printing and storage of work done on the Whiteboard environment. Interactive whiteboard has become a mainstream equipment for teaching, remote education and information exchange.
Some of the features of the IWB include;

  1. 85-inches infrared IWB
  2. Multi touch and gestures control support
  3. Finger or any other non-transparent object to operate
  4. Infrared touch technology provides incredible accuracy and smooth handwriting
  5. Electronic-free surface, surface damage won’t affect usage
  6. Low power consumption, USB powered, more safety


SAFSMS, an all-encompassing school management software supports educationists from Playgroup to post-primary schools.

Your dream of a complete administrative system is fulfilled with our end-to-end solution. This indigenous school manager is FlexiSAF’s popular demand. It is in use with about thirty of the total states in the country. Our clients love that everyone is carried along. They say it is comprehensive. We say they are right!

  • Compilation of results will be faster and error-free with improved accuracy.
  • Cost effective.
  • Automated features that update automatically, like students’ ages which saves time.
  • Good record-keeping and faster accessibility of students’ records.
  • Allows educators/Academic staff to focus on students and not paperwork.
  • Get Comprehensive reports and analysis on academic performance, finances.
  • Maintain privacy with de-centralized roles in order to enhance security and data integrity.
  • Flexible and easily customizable to your taste.