15-Year-Old Tanishq Graduates As Engineer From University Of California

By July 31, 2018eForeign, eNews

A 15-year-old prodigy has graduated with a degree in bio-medical engineering from University of California, Davis, in the United States. The Indian-American teenager graduated from the university within three years.

The boy identified as Tanishq Abraham had gotten admission into the school after he graduated from California Community College at 11.

It was gathered that Abraham initially earned his university degree at the age of 14 and clocked 15 few days to his graduation. He received the degree on Father’s Day, giving his father the best gift.

Abraham was spotted wearing a graduation cap emblazoned with the words, “Started at 12, finished at 14. Trust me I am an engineer!”.

Taji Abraham, the prodigy’s mother who is a doctor of veterinary sciences expressed that the degree was the best Father’s Day gift. She said: “It was the best Father’s Day gift for my husband and also my dad.”

The father identiified as Bijou who is a software engineer, noted that he is filled with joy that their parents could witness their grandson achieving his university degree. He said: “We are happy that his grandparents who are heart patients (both retired veterinary medical PhD doctors) were able to see him graduate with a biomedical engineering degree and start his PhD in the same field.”

Tanishq did not put a stop to his education after his graduation. According to The Times of India, the prodigy and his team had presented their senior design project at the grand rounds at the UC Davis Medical Center a day after getting his degree.

He also attended a three-day crash course at UCD Entrepreneurship Academy with other 45 participants which included graduate students, post-doc and faculty.

It was also gathered that he was enrolled in the American River Community College at the age of five. He had cracked math courses offered by Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth in less than six months.

Taji talked about her son’s extracurricular activities and that of his sister Tiara who is also said to be a prodigy of some sorts. She said: “We don’t feel they have missed out on ‘normal’ childhood. What is normal for some might not be normal for others.”

“They both have enjoyed being in San Francisco children’s’ choir, both went to swim school for four years and got Level 10 certificates, they took part in other sports like soccer lessons, tennis and ping-pong, both enjoy watching Bollywood & Hollywood movies and pretty much they know the entire IMDB!”

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